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Area: 6 km2
Circumference: 18 km
Inhabitants: about 90

Practical information
Basic commodities can be bought at the local grocer's shop near the apartments.
The ferry has 6-8 daily departures from Faaborg to Lyø and Avernakø. The homepage of the ferry:

Distinctive features of the island
Peace is the biggest difference between the islands and the mainland. There is not a lot of traffic on the island and the inhabitants have no hurry. Lyø is known for its beautiful nature that should be experienced on foot. A walk around the island along the beach takes 4-8 hours. You will find several beautiful paths all over the island. The village Lyø By is unique, because the farms are still placed in the village like in the days before the Danish enclosure movement. The farms and the village ponds contribute to the idyll so typical for Lyø.
The Klokkesten is the most famous, but not the only dolmen on Lyø.

Because of the old dolmens we know that Lyø has been inhabited many years ago. Lyø has also been the centre of an important historic event - in 1223 the king Waldemar the Victorious of Denmark was seized on Lyø and held prisoner. After more than 2 years he was released on payment of a big ransom. By and by the island was depopulated, but in the middle of the 16th century 24 peasant families were deported to Lyø after a failed upraising. These families have founded the island of today.

In spite of the size of the population there are about 15 societies on Lyø.